Saeyara Voss

"A thousand suns bright, a soul doth take.Gaze upon thine stars, layeth steel upon thine heart.Locked within, a key to shape one's fate."

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Name: Saeyara Voss
Race: Midlander Hyur
Nationality: Thavnairian
Sex: Female
Age: 24

Height: 5'4 in. (162 cm)
Build: Fit
Hair: Tawny
Eyes: Amber
Complexion: Almond
Accent: Hannish (Indian/Middle Eastern)

Piercings: Thavnairian Sect Jewelry
Marks/Tattoos: Thavnairian Zodiac Scattered Throughout Body
Accessories: Seer's Bandages

Alignment: Neutral Good
Occupation: Astrologian & Red Mage
Combat Proficiency: Astrologian and Red Mage (support focused)
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Favorite Food: Dalmascan Spice Noodles
Favorite Drink: Hingashi Tea
Favorite Color: Gold


Spicy Foods
Learning new cultures
Fortune Telling
Open spaces


Large crowds
Frosty Weather
Claustrophobic Spaces
Sailing/Airship Sickness

Saeyara's Story

Impoverished in the city of Ynnia, Saeyara was on the run from the cruel Prince Altiair and his Jeweled Blade assassins. Like a street rat, Saeyara had only the pebbled streets of Thavnairian make and the stars to guide her.She'd fled from a sect of astrologians all too eager to find the panicked girl for her power. An untapped potential lay within.Chased by two factions, and now separated from her childhood friend, F'yona Rhela, it was only a matter of time before the Prince and his thieves captured Saeyara and imprisoned her.Altiair was unkind, and the Thavnairian woman was never to see her beloved stars under his watch. She would be punished for allowing F'yona to escape to freedom.

Keeping still to hope, Saeyara marked astrological symbols over her body in an attempt to track the destiny of her friend, and a vision of her return kept her alive.And true as her stars, Yona arrived with a force of liberators at her cell door. The seeress was weak and malnourished, but the fight to restore her home island to it's former glory burned brighter than her native star.Months later, Saeyara Voss, F'yona Rhela, and Tamari Amanta would liberate Ynnia, and her claim to fame was born.

The quiet, yet sweethearted woman did not rest on her laurels. Her notable achievements included ushering in peace among Jeweled Blades, uncovering a plot of occultists tied to the star Ophiuchus, assisting soldiers within the Dalmascan Resistance, and banishing a highly-ranked Voidsent.Despite losing her ability to see normally after her battle with Ophiuchus, Saeyara's charisma and strong aethersight -- matched with her mysterious abilities and beautiful features, simply added to her allure.With the Garleans pushed into their territory, and the Telophoroi running rampant, Saeyara issued her next goal: to bring comfort and safety to the victims on both sides of the war.The exotic, jewelry-laden Thavnairian seeress was no longer a shell living inside a chamber. Her conviction overpowered her lack of sight. The beautiful almond-toned woman ventured forth to help those in need...

There is more to Saeyara's story, yet unwritten. Perhaps you will leave your mark?

RP Hooks

Saeyara is acquainted with all manner of odd visions, premonitions, mysteries, occult and tarot readings. She may help decipher a puzzle or read the future for your character.

Saeyara prefers healing over battle, and will happily provide protection for adventurers. However, she is no stranger to combat.

Saeyara is heavily invested in the occult, and would be eager to help expel possessions of voidsent, or retrieve artifacts. Her exotic appearance makes her easy to spot.

Saeyara loves to research and study more about the world around her. Her experiences as a non-conventional astrologian could help with solving the puzzle, or getting one step closer!

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OOC & Extra Info

Thanks for reading my carrd! I enjoy roleplaying and have been doing so since my time in WoW. I was also an avid Red Dead Online (before they killed it) and PSO2 player (Japanese version /w all the cool stuff).What I enjoy most over games though is just hanging out and spending time with friends. As such, I am usually looking to make friends for longer term RP contacts.I also enjoy photography, and have contributed to the Skyrim and Fallout 4 modding community with my pictures. That love also extends to FFXIV. I have a ton of galleries, if you want to see them, I am more than happy to share via Discord!Small note: I am fine with RP relationships and mature scenes, but please understand a divide between OOC and IC. Ty!

In Game: Saeyara Voss (F'yona Rhela for my main)
Discord: fiona_rhela
Data Center/Server: Crystal/Mateus
Timezone: Pacific
RP Style: Adventure, treasurehunting, mature themes, slice of life
IC Residence: Character Housing Catalog
Combat System: Free-form (preferred) or basic rolls
Physical Violence/Injury: Yes (with permission)
Emotional Violence: Yes (with permission)
Romance: Yes (with permission)
Relationships/Orientation: Single - Heterosexual
Death: No